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Home (Gym) Economics

Just some food for thought before you complain about our prices or shipping cost. Shopping list for a home gym I would actually want to train in:

EUR 38Dumbbell handles long 30 mm (ATX) - 50 mm would be more expensive
EUR 143Weight bench (
EUR 491Weight plates (ATX)
EUR 469Power rack (ATX)
EUR 8Barbell clamps (ATX)
EUR 1318Total (about USD 1400)

Rubber flooring would add to this cost, and even with that I don't thing my downstairs neighbors would appreciate me doing deadlifts.

And that was the cheap part !

Unlike a resistance band setup that can be put away after use, a power rack needs dedicated space, let's say 6 m2. As it happens, my apartment costs a little over CHF 300 per m2 and year. Which means a cool CHF 1800 / EUR 1850 / USD 1980 per year just for the home gym space. Puts the "expensive" gym membership in perspective. Rent may not be as expensive everywhere, but you get the idea.

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