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I started training with isometrics and dumbbells as a teen, over 40 years ago. Later on I joined a gym. The lockdown forced me back to home training with dumbbells and my bodyweight.

I tried out resistance bands during a Christmas vacation in the mountains. I was not impressed by the exercises suggested by the book that came with the bands. I could not set up external anchors in the rented studio, and saw fundamental problems with this approach. I figured out self-anchored exercises instead.

Back home I could have masked up and returned to the gym, but continued my experiments with resistance bands as my body responded very favorably. The invention of the Band Box and the book "Resistance Strong" soon followed.


This is a web page. Everything written here must be priceless, infallible information.
Seriously: You can slingshot yourself with a heavy rubber band, strain a muscle or otherwise mess yourself up.
Use your head, listen to your body, and train safely.


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