Resistance Strong - Resistance Training Reinvented


Seated row (Video)

Sit down on the floor with stretched out legs. Double up the band. Get the feet through the band ends, hold the middle of the bands in your hands. Pull your hands back as far as you can. Isometrically hold the end position for a moment before you release tension. Keep your wrists straight.

This is a bit easier on the lower back than the bent-over row, as you don't have to support the weight of your torso.

One-arm row

The Band Box allows for adjustment of band length, and makes this exercise much more effective.

Unilateral pull-down

Hook the band to a high attachment point. Get down in a half kneeling position, turn a bit towards the line of pull.

Isometric pull-over

This exercise will stress your lats in the stretched position for better growth.

No band needed. Lie down on your bed, hold the cross member behind / below your head, and try to pull it up with all your might for 20 seconds per set. I hold with the hands about shoulder width apart, but you can also try different positions. Also try lying down sideways, one side at a time - better lat isolation this way.

Pull-up row

Lovely lat pump if you have what it takes. This exercise is really quite accessible as far as calisthenics go.

  Assisted pull-up / chin-up

Attach a band to the chin-up bar, step in the band. The stronger the band, the more it will help reduce your weight on pull-ups or chin-ups.

  Lat prayer

Hook the band to a high attachment point. Pull down, keeping your arms straight. Option: Bend your hip at the top for a better lat stretch, and straighten it as you pull down.


Biceps curls

Stand on the band, hold the band with both hands with an underhand grip (palms up). Then do the usual curl motion. The bands tend to snap over when you hold them directly. For me, it feels better with an EZ curl bar.

Hammer curls

Stand on the band, hold the band with both hands in a neutral grip (thumbs up).

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