Resistance Strong - Resistance Training Reinvented


High row (video)

You can do these bent-over, or seated like a seated row. The difference is that you pull towards your upper chest or clavicle. This will stress your rear delts and upper back. If your spinal erectors already had enough fun for the day, support your head on the back of a sofa or a table, and focus on loading your upper back.

Band pullapart

Hold a single strand of the band in your hands, arms extended in front of you. Start at a bit more than shoulder width. Pull the hands apart, this will stress your rear delts.

Overhead press

Stand on the band with your feet, hold with both hands in overhand grip. Lift your hands to the starting position in front of your clavicle. Press your hands up until your arms are fully extended above you. If your shoulder mobility is good, your hands should end up vertically above your shoulder joints and midfoot.

Unilateral shoulder press

Stand on the band with your right foot, hold with your right hand. Start with your hand near your shoulder, press up from there.

Lateral raise

Use a light band. Spread your legs apart. Hold the band with your right hand and left foot, then do the lateral raise motion. Note that the arm is not completely straight, and the hand is a bit forward.


Stand on the doubled band, pull up with your hands between your legs. Let your traps do the work, not your arms. Resist the tempation to go too heavy, keep some reasonable range of motion. Try a brief isometric hold at the top position.

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