Resistance Strong - Resistance Training Reinvented

Shorten the band

One drawback of resistance band training is the low resistance at the start of many movements. What to do ?

1. Use shorter bands

If you can afford them, shorter bands (e.g. 37" bands by Serious Steel) are good for exercises like the seated row or chest exercises.

2. Wrap the band

If you only need to shorten the band a bit, you can wrap it around the bar or anchor. Masochists wrap it around their feet.

3. Pull up the band in the middle

A standard length band will be too long for trap bar squats, and not give much resistance at the start of the movement. With the band box, pull up the band in the middle:

Use the block included with the band box, a scrap piece of 2x4 or similar.

For a quick setup, follow these steps (from about 0:48 in the video):

4. Take up band length

For the one arm row, select a suitable pin location so the handle gets pulled to the roller.

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