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Why we use handles instead of a bar

Most of our competitors use bars. I know and love barbells, but use handles for band training.

1. Ease of use

With our metal handles, you can scoop up the band and pull.

With bars, there are usually some elaborate hooks or carabiners to fiddle with.

2. Capacity

Our handles can fit 4" wide bands, and you can stack two bands.

3. Natural wrist position

Let your arms hang. Which way will your hands turn ?

A straight bar will force your hands into an unnatural position. With handles, the resistance band can twist, so your hands can work in their most comfortable orientation.

4. Strength

Compare the hand position with a trap / hex bar - most people can lift more with it than with a straight bar.

5. Grip

A straight bar tends to roll out of your hands unless you use a mixed grip (can be risky) or hook grip (ouchie). You may have to use straps for heavy lifts with a double overhand grip.

Handles don't have this issue. So far the knurling on the handles has been sufficient for me to train without straps.

6. Band life

Our handles are very band-friendly, with the band going around a metal tube and not rubbing against it.

With typical bars, bands are held by a rather sharp edge or rope, and could rub against it.

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