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Sawmill visit - Konrad Keller in Stammheim

As part of a community festival, one of my suppliers had an open house.

Their wood is sourced from the surrounding area. By international standards their mill is small, but by Swiss standards they are good size.

Bandsaw in the back, edger in front. The basement below is taken up by conveyors to carry away scrap wood like flitches and edges. The waste is chopped up and used for district heating of the mill and the nearby town. Sawdust is processed into wood pellets.

Closer look at the band saw.

Blade sharpening at the sawmill (cue Twin Peaks theme song). Now _that_ is a sawblade... When new they are 23 cm (about 9") wide. They have to resharpen the blade about once a shift, assuming they don't run into metal-infested trees.

After sawing and kiln drying, the sides for the Band Box are planed to size (40 x 100 mm).

The wood dowels come from a smaller "mom and pop" supplier in the same region. The birch ply for the foot plates comes from Latvia or Estonia.

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