Resistance Strong - Resistance Training Reinvented

What if you could...

  • train your full body at home or on the road ?
  • with easily portable, affordable equipment, rather than hundreds of kilos of weights ?
  • quietly, without disturbing neighbors or sleeping family members ?
  • time-efficiently ?
  • in a small amount of space (e.g. 4 x 8' / 1.2 x 2.4m) ?
  • with load scalable from beginners to advanced trainees ?
  • train hard without putting too much stress on your joints ?
  • without the membership fees and commute time of a commercial gym ?
  • get real results ?

Latex Power

Resistance bands come close:

Unfortunately, you may run into limits when training with bands only:

  • Wide bands can be difficult to hold.
  • Band length is not always ideal.
  • Depending on setup, sideways pull on your feet can be uncomfortable.
  • Many exercises use external anchors, and limit your progress.

Home training setup

  • Our book 'Resistance Strong' shows exercises to train the full body, and also covers principles of resistance training, recovery, muscle anatomy and nutrition.
  • Standard 41" loop resistance bands provide resistance.
  • The Band Box and handles enhance leg and back training.
  • Add an EZ-curl bar for more comfortable Biceps curls and Zercher squats.
  • Add a squat belt for belt squats and donkey calf raises (not sold by us).
  • Add a chin-up bar and an ab roller for even more fun (not sold by us).
  • Except for the chin-up bar, the photo shows a complete training setup. To reduce clutter, my bands usually hang from a wall-mounted holder.

Resistance Training Reinvented

The Band Box makes resistance band training more effective:

Exercises with the Band Box

(Additional belt required)

Please see the body part pages and the book for additional exercises.
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